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You need a specific pattern or styleguide
for your product or packaging needs?

You create lines of products exclusif to your company?
Why not use exclusif designs that have been specifically created for your needs in total harmony with the essence of your brand or the the line of products that you are developping?

You can opt for one or more exclusif individual patterns.
Or you may prefer to have a complete styleguide with design elements that can be mixed or matched.

Styleguides are useful when you want to create a coherent range of different products.
The different elements all work together to tell a story that seduces the client.
As product developer, using a styleguide, was very useful in increasing sale volume.
As the client likes the entire concept, she/he is more inclined
to buy different elements within the same range.

Preview a styleguide.

Discover the creative brief process.

Individual patterns: 120€ TTC/pattern
Styleguide: 360€ TTC/styleguide (7 elements)
Subject to the purchase of a license. Designs for your exclusive use

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Build with the mind

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