Aztec Pattern

How to use AZTEC patterns

  • Fashion: For a modern, boho-chic look, an Aztec patterned piece will be part the timeless collections that aren’t easily forgotten. Be it applied to clothes or on shoes, jewelry or bags as a simple touch. The rule: your outfit should only have one patterned piece at a time and the rest of your look should be kept sober. So, it is quite possible to look elegant with an Aztec pattern.
  • Home: If you don’t like having too much colour in your house, but you are looking to add a warm touch to your interior decor, why not use cushions with aztec designs? But the rule is the same as for fashion. If you want to bring ethno chic to the interior without altering its modern outlook, you have to pay attention to the other elements of the decor and favor the minimalist style.

Fun facts

The designs of the Aztecs were often circular or rectangular, often making use of recurring geometric symbols. The vast majority of Aztec graphics represent deities, animals or religious symbols.

A good example is Aztec pottery often known for its geometric shapes.  Often these were intricately drawn, with repeating patterns.  But as time went on, artisans began to use more naturalistic patterns and figures like that of animals or plants began to be used.

Following the fall of the Aztec Empire the production of indigenous art went into decline. However, some Aztec designs lived on in the work of local artists employed by Augustinian friars to decorate their new churches during the 16th century CE.

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